Talking with Prof. Eric Flamholtz
The world - famous author of
for the first time in Bulgaria!
Talking with Prof. Eric Flamholtz
How to create
May 30 Capital Fort
Talking with Prof. Eric Flamholtz
Drivers of
through various
stages of company's
May 30 Capital Fort

About Event

 How Howard Shultz managed to build Starbucks into the world’s largest coffee chain?

35 years ago began a story, an example of the American Dream. Then Howard Shultz took over the management of the American coffee chain Starbucks, having the ambitious and inspired by the idea to make the coffee drinking a culture and personal experience.

After reading the first edition of the book Growing Pains Howard Shultz invited prof. Eric Flamholtz as his advisor in the transition from an entrepreneurial fast growing structure to a professionally managed growing company.

The success is evident, the growth is unprecedented.

Prof. Eric Flamholtz is an invaluable advisor to many companies in creating of management systems, strategic planning, training in leadership and management of high-level management.

Among the companies that sought his expertise and trusted him are many of the world leaders in their sectors, such as: IBM, Amgen, Neutrogena, The Disney Store, Allianz Global, FedEx, Nike, Colgate-Palmolive, General Motors, PepsiCo, Reuters (Switzerland) and many others.


At Club on May 30th – prof. Flamholtz will present know-how and useful practical examples based on 35 years of experience with companies worldwide. You will hear how to create sustainable profitable company and what the drivers of the financial success are.

Do not miss to learn why some companies grow successfully and others fail and what are the symptoms at risk of bankruptcy! And the participants in our Workshop will discuss useful practical examples of companies that Prof. Flamholtz consulted.

What makes this event different?

The unique information, know-how and approach that have been proven in practice to promote sustainably successful growth and measurable results over the past 35 plus years!

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, high and middle level management, start-up companies, young and ambitious students etc.

Everyone who wants to be stronger and better prepared to face the challenges of building his businesses and become best of class organizations.

Why attend?

  • To get the know-how of an internationally recognized expert who comes in Bulgaria for the first time;
  • To improve and expand your individual performance and that of your company;
  • To find the path to continuous sustainable growth of your company;
  • To keep up with your competitors who will listen to the advices of the professor.

Who is professor Flamholtz?

Eric Flamholtz photo Sept - начална

Eric Flamholtz is President of Management Systems Consulting Corporation, which founded in 1978, and Chairman of Management Systems Global Affiliates, which he founded in 2011.

He is also Professor Emeritus (Recalled) at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

Flamholtz has a multidisciplinary background. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, an M.B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, and an undergraduate degree in economics and accounting from Hunter College.

Dr. Flamholtz has helped hundreds of organizations make successful transitions at different stages of growth and development.  Additionally, he has presented seminars and workshops for a wide variety of firms and organizations, including AMEX Global Travel,  FedEx, Nike, Colgate Palmolive, Forbes Presidents Forum, General Motors, PepsiCo and many more.

He has done executive coaching for hundreds of executives, founders of entrepreneurial firms and CEOs of established companies in a wide variety of industries, including financial, retail, and healthcare.

His books which have been published in several languages include: Growing Pains: Building Sustainably Successful Organizations, (Wiley, 2016) – more than 100,000 copies purchased; Corporate Culture: The Ultimate Strategic Asset, Stanford University Press, 2011; Leading Strategic Change: Bridging Theory and Practice, published by Cambridge University Press, 2007; The Inner Game of Management (American Management Association), 1987; Organizational Control: Theory and Practice (Kluwer Academic Press), 1996; Human Resource Accounting, (Kluwer Academic Press), 1999; Changing the Game: Managing Organizational Transformations of the First, Second, and Third Kinds (co‑authored with a Forward by Howard Schultz), Oxford University Press, 1998

Flamholtz’ methodology used as a consultant and coach is unique in that it is based upon a research based empirically validated theoretical framework as well as extensive practical experience in its application over more than 35 years.



Executive Vice President, Management Systems Consulting Corporation

Yvonne Randle, who joined Management Systems in 1983, has broad experience in helping organizations successfully make the transition from one stage of development to the next.  Her expertise includes facilitating the strategic planning process, helping companies manage their corporate cultures, and assisting firms in developing effective organizational structures and performance management systems.

In addition, she is a skilled management development trainer.  Working with individuals and teams, ranging from middle managers to CEOs, Dr. Randle helps executives develop the skills necessary to excel.

She has served as a consultant to firms of all sizes – from entrepreneurships to Fortune 500 companies– in a wide variety of industries in both the US and globally.  Yvonne has worked with a number of non-profit organizations during her tenure with Management Systems.

Dr. Randle’s most recent books are most recent book (coauthored) are: Growing Pains, Wiley, 2016; Building Family Business Champions, Stanford University Press, (forthcoming February 2016), and Corporate Culture: The Ultimate Strategic Asset,” published by Stanford University Press in May 2011.

She is also the co-author of The Inner Game of Management (American Management Association), Changing the Game: Managing Organizational Transformations of the First, Second, and Third Kinds (Oxford University Press), and Leading Strategic Change (Cambridge University Press).

Dr. Randle a frequent instructor in Executive Education Programs at UCLA’s Anderson School, and has served as a lecturer in the MBA program of the University of California, Los Angeles.

She received her Ph.D. in management from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from UCLA.  Dr. Randle earned her undergraduate degree from Stanford University.





Drivers of financial success through various stages of company’s development

with Prof. Eric Flamholtz  and Dr. Ivonne Randlе, Management Systems Consulting Corporation

Why some companies grow successfully and others fail?
The key drivers of financial and organizational success.
How the development of the organization contributes to financial success?
What are the different stages of organizations' development and the drivers of success of each stage?
What are the classic "Growing Pains" and how their measurement helps managers to estimate the risk for the sustainable development of their business.
A practical example: Starbucks - from the management of  the "Growing Pains" to the global leadership

Coffee and networking

Discussion: How to choose the best funding for you business? What must every entrepreneur know about?

Prof. Eric Flamholtz
Dimitar Gerdzhikov, Postbank
Ivaylo Ivanov, iuvo Group
Valeri Petrov, Axxess Capital
Kalin Manolov, Bulgaria ON AIR TV - moderator

12:30 - End of the Seminar

Workshop: Tools for Sustainably Successful Organization – part 1

Business foundations – how the correct business definition will help you to create a niche market that gives you a sustainably competitive advantage?

The participants will create definitions of their companies in such a way that will help them distinguish from the competitors. They will have the opportunity to observe a model of defining their business concept, main strategy and mission so that to create a competitive advantage to achieve leading market share in their sector.

Coffee break

Workshop – Tools for Sustainably Successful Organization – part 2

The corporate culture as a strategic advantage – what are the beliefs and values that will help the financial success of your company and how to make them part of the behavior of your employees?

How to improve your companies’ performance?

The participants will have the opportunity to evaluate the differences between the corporate culture in their organization and the factors, leading to success. They will learn the tools for management of the corporate culture, tools for diagnostic of the culture and will see examples of using the tools for management of the corporate culture in order to transform it in sustainable competitive advantage not just passive part of the business.


Prof. Eric Flamholtz

President of Management Systems Consulting Corporation

Ерик Фламхолц е президент на Management Systems Consulting Corporation, основана през

Dr. Yvonne Randle


Ivaylo Iliev

Managing Partner, FORTEAM

Ivaylo Iliev has 12 years of experience in creating and implementation

Dimitar Gerdzhikov

Manager Business Development Small Business and Acting Head of Small Business Banking in Postbank

Dimitar Gerdzhikov started his banking career 16 years ago in a

Kalin Manolov

Author and Host at Bulgaria ON AIR TV

Kalin Manolov is journalist with more than 25 years of experience,

Ivaylo Ivanov

Chief Operations Officer, iuvo Group

Ivaylo is a young Fintech expert with experience in business development,

Valeri Petrov


Valeri is primarily in charge with investment opportunities in Bulgaria and




  • Access to the seminar and the discussion panel
  • 1 Book – Growing Pains: Building sustainably succesful organizations
  • Coffee and Networking



  • Participation in Workshop
  • 1 Book – Corporate Culture: The Ultimate Strategic Asset
  • Coffee and Networking



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